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In Quintana Roo #JuntosSaldremosAdelante in the face of COVID-19

New Normal for COVID-19, opportunity to change behavior in public and private spaces. 
The Epidemiological Risk Stoplight will allow to travel and coexist towards a new normality, it is a monitoring system for the regulation of the use of public and private space in accordance with the risk of contagion of COVID-19. The state traffic light is composed of four colors and the precautionary measures by the Secretary of Health to avoid contagion.
We invite you to be aware of the color of the traffic light that has your event date and to prevent and attend the indications of the federal, state and local health authorities.


Only essential economic activities will be allowed, and people will also be allowed to go for a walk around their homes during the day.


In addition to essential economic activities, companies of non-essential economic activities will be allowed to work with 30% of the personnel for their operation, always taking into account the maximum care measures for people with a greater risk of presenting a serious picture of COVID-19, open public spaces will be opened with a reduced capacity (number of people).


All work activities are allowed, taking care of people with the highest risk of presenting a serious picture of COVID-19. The open public space is opened on a regular basis, and the closed public spaces can be opened with a reduced capacity of a maximum of 50 people, including the staff who attend the group or event. As in other colors of the traffic light, these activities must be carried out with basic prevention measures and maximum care for people with the highest risk of contagion.


All activities are allowed, including school ones.


Hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, if soap and water are not available, 60% alcohol solutions can be used.

In private locations  The organizers will be in charge of signaling the sanitation areas for the guests and avoiding possible infections.


Maintain a healthy distance between people (from 1.5 meters to 2 meters), in case of not being able to maintain this distance, use a mouth guard, for example in public transport. At events, tables will be larger and spaced apart to ensure a healthy distance between guests.

Clean up

With water and  antibacterial soap and  a chlorinated solution would disinfect commonly used surfaces and objects. The Location, Chick Group and the Providers contracted to  the event  They would sanitize the contracted spaces where the guests of the event will gather to avoid contagion.


Grupo Chick will follow the health security protocols of the State of Q. Roo to the letter, to avoid a contagion or outbreak due to the event, the temperature of the guests will be taken before entering the location, face masks and gloves will be offered for those who request it, and disinfection areas for guests and operational staff.

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