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Cross back chair

Cross Back chocolate

Silla infinito

Gold metal w/cushion


Selection of chairs for the ceremony, reception and decoration of your wedding or event.

Silla Tiffani Transparente

Tiffany Clear

Silla Tiffani washed

Tiffany Washed


Cross Back


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GChick Chairs

Silla Pétalo.jpg

Peacock Chick


Peacock Panama

Mesa rectangular de madera de color blanca tipo pleglable para 10 personas

Rectangular table

Rectangular table for 08-10 guests white color 

Mesas periqueras de madera altas

high table

Mahogany high table for 6 guests with benches and high chairs.

Mesa de Novios rectangular madera natural

Bride and Groom's Table

Folding style rectangular white table and louis xvi chairs for the bride and groom with flower baskets on the floor, mirror, books and decorations.

Mesas redonda de madera barnizada para 10 personas

Round table

Round table for 08-11 guests in natural wood color.

Mesa rectangular de madera en renta

Rectangular table

Rectangular table for 08-10 guests in white or mahogany.

Mesa tablón madera en renta

table for 10 guests

Plank base table with X-bracket polished and stained in natural color.

Sillones y sofas en renta

sofas and armchairs

Sofas of different colors and styles, armchairs and coffee tables to decorate the reception of your wedding or event.

Ivory Chic Furniture

Chick Ivory Couches

Sofas of different colors and styles, armchairs and coffee tables to decorate the reception of your event or wedding on the beach, from 2 modules.

Sala y sillón Curvo
Muebles de jardin en renta

Variety of furniture to decorate entrances, lobbies, garden areas at beach weddings, in gardens and events.

Juego equipal en renta

Kit of equipment to decorate gardens and event areas.

Sillas Acapulco y Cojines rusticos en renta

acapulco chairs and rustic high cushion

Acapulco-style chairs in various colors and tall cushions in rustic colors and embroidery.

Taburete de tela de colores varios para decorar ambientes

Cojin Cubo aterciopelado

Para decorar los pequeños espacios de colores varios.

Mesas pulidas redondas en renta

round tables 

Round tables polished in natural color, modern chairs.

Tapetes de tule, cojines y tipis en renta

ceremonial set

Mats, cushions, Acapulco chairs, tipi and fabrics to carry out symbolic or spiritual ceremonies on the beach.

Sillas elegantes en renta

elegant chairs

Fabric chairs and fine wood finishes to decorate the head table.

Mesa y sillas de Novios con centro floral

Rustic Swept White Elegant Table for the Bride and the Groom.

Mesa con espejo y sillas de Novios en renta

head tables

Mirror base and base legs with rustic carving.

Louis XVI style chairs

Mesa Marsella en renta

B&G wedding table

Steel table in gold color and glass base and tall elegant beige chairs with gold stirrups.

Mesa Burdeos en renta

B&G acrylic table 

Clear acrylic wedding table and elegant white high chairs.

Renta de Mesa de acrílico transparente para los novios

B&G Acrylic Table

Acrylic Wedding Table with transparent cylindrical legs and transparent Tiffany chairs.

mesa y sillas periqueras en renta


Elegant light brown carved wooden tables and high chairs, to decorate the cocktail and reception area.

Manteles, runners, servilletas en renta


Wide variety of decorative napkins of colors and different materials for the banquet service.

Mesa de Novios larga de color blanca y base madera

B&G wedding table

White wooden table with wood-colored base and gold Tiffany chairs.

Renta de Mesa de novios con sillas pavo real

B&G elegant table 

Walnut-colored wooden wedding table, peacock-style high chairs.

decorative garden furniture 

Furniture rental includes transportation and setup in Cancun and Riviera Maya

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