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Thank you very much for considering our Wedding Coordination services,

This property is completely private, located in the heart of Tulum Hotel Zone, it will allow you and your guests to experience an intimate environment to just enjoy with your loved ones.



  • Location hours from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am.

  • Payment of municipal permits and licenses.

  • Location of 35 meters of beach by 90 meters deep.

  • Municipal permits and licenses.

  • Plate, earthenware and traditional glassware (availability until  100 guests ).

  • Main palapa with warm lighting (capacity for 100 guests ).

  • Beach palapa with warm lighting.

  • Beach area.

  • Main bar and beach bar.

  • Palapas for service stations.

  • 03 parking spaces available (bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom, coordination).

  • Mounting on service bars for their operation.

  • General assembly of contracted areas in Service Order (ODS).

  • Assembly, disassembly, event and equipment control is coordinated by Grupo Chick.

  • A&B assembly service (china, plate and glassware).

  • General Staff:

    • COO.

    • Waiters.

    • Garroteros.

    • Mantenance staff.

    • Security personnel (main entrance).

  • Kitchen Staff:

    • Executive chef.

    • Kitchen assistants.

    • Supervision of supplies and quality of the ingredients with which the food is made.

  • Bars:

    • Bartender (mixologist).

    • Bar assistant.

    • Beginning and final inventory of bottles delivered by the coordinator in charge.

    • Proper handling of bottle consumption.  

The average cost of the event varies according to the choice of food and beverages and the services that are chosen for the production of each wedding, there is no predetermined package, because our intention, like yours, is to create a custom wedding to meet the needs of our couples in an environment of privacy. And the magic that the always beautiful destination of Tulum gives us.

Payments according to the choice of A and B and other services must be paid as follows:
For a primer is required:


ADVANCE I initial for date lock:​  $ 63,800 pesos VAT incl.
ADVANCE II 60 days before the event to cover the selected food and beverages.

BALANCE  / 10 days before the event.

Mixer Bar:


Unlike paying an open bar, where the price increases considerably, the property handles a corkage of $ 400.00 pesos + VAT  per guest .  This allows the Bride and Groom to purchase via consignment and at their pleasure, the necessary amount of alcohol to cover their event. 

9 hours  uncorking includes:

  • Diversity of juices.

  • Refreshments.

  • Ice.

  • Natural water.

  • Garniture.

  • Glassware.

Note : it is not considered an energy drink.

SPIRITS: They are paid for by the bride and groom. An initial and final inventory of the consumption of bottles is carried out and at the end of the wedding the surpluses are returned to the bride and groom.


The location offers you furniture with an additional cost that will be very useful, this has the advantage that it has no cost of transportation, assembly or styling. When you come for your inspection visit we will show you the available options that we describe below.

  • Lounge furniture.

  • Lighting for various areas with market lights. 

  • Lighting for areas.

  • Ceremony area set up.

  • Rustic wooden tables for 10 people.

  • Crossback chairs.

  • Wooden benches.

Service hours:  (  4:00 pm to 1:00 am) .

In accordance with municipal guidelines and because the property is located within a protected ecological zone, it is made known to you that the maximum duration of the events held in this location may not exceed the
  01:00 am , a maximum of 20 minutes of additional courtesy time is offered for the guests to vacate the property at the end of the event, and avoid that the property is penalized by the municipality of Tulum, we appreciate  your understanding in advance.  

   House Chef

S omos lovers of creativity and personalized services for that reason our customers choose to taste a list of dishes that the chef  and  Mycologist of the house, they took great pains to design to offer you the best of gastronomy and satisfy the tastes and preferences of each and every one of their guests. We suggest you have a pencil and paper handy so that you can make a note of your selection of preferred Foods and we can send you a formal quote. The final selection of your wedding food will be presented and tasted on the day of your inspection visit to the location.

Cancun Weddings


Group A ; Please select from 3 to 4 options.

-Caribbean Mexican-

  1. Pickled octopus t ostadita.

  2. T ostadita de nopales, fresh panela and Mexican sauce.

  3. Chicken t ostadita with mole.

  4. T ostadita fresh tuna.

  5. Chicken tinga t ostadita.

  6. S hot of spicy shrimp consommé.

  7. Shrimp cocktail s hot.

  8. S hot shrimp ceviche.

  9. S hot of fish ceviche.

  10. S shrimp hot from aguachile.

  11. S hot of chilpachole and crab croquette.

  12. S hot ceviche cauliflower.

  13. S hot of dried shrimp ceviche.

  14. T aquito gold potatoes, green sauce and fresh cheese.

  15. T aquito dorado and marlin chipotle dressing.

  16. T aquito baja style (breaded shrimp, coleslaw and avocado).

  17. T aquito Governor style (grilled shrimp, cheese and peppers).

  18. E mpanada fried shrimp.

  19. E mpanada cheese.

  20. E mpanada chicken.

  21. Q uesadilla fried with hogos and green sauce.

  22. Q uesadilla of flour tortilla and flank steak.

  23. E squite with epazote.

  24. E squite tatemado with marrow.

  25. S ope martajada chorizo and salsa.

  26. P ambazo de chorizo and potato.



Group B ; Please select from 2 to 3 options.

1.-Cherry tomato tartin

  • Puff pastry baked with goat cheese, cherry tomato and serrano ham.

2.-4 cheese spinach tartin

  • Puff pastry baked with spinach in white wine, Camembert cheese, natural goat, Parmesan and Roquefort.

3.-Mushroom and onion tartin

  • Puff pastry baked with grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions and Manchego cheese with balsamic oil.

4.-Beef carpaccio

  • Beef steak, arugula, capers, garlic breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese slabs, Modena oil and Dijon mustard dressing.

5.-Salmon carpaccio

  • Fresh salmon fillet, olives, capers, mushroom dressing and citrus vinaigrette with olive oil and fleur de sel.

6.-Shrimp ceviche

  • Fresh shrimp, lemon juice, cherry tomato, red onion, cucumber, coriander and avocado dressing.

7.-Tulum Ceviche Tostada

  • Fresh catch of the day, lemon juice, cherry tomato, red onion, pineapple, coriander, mango and avocado dressing.

8.-Mixed Peruvian style ceviche

  • Fresh shrimp, fish, octopus, scallops, tiger milk, purple onion, chili, corn, coriander and sweet potato.

9.-Shrimp aguachile toast

  • Fresh shrimp in chilli sauce, lemon juice, red onion and avocado dressing.

10.-Tuna toast

  • Fresh tuna toast, Sesame sauce, soy sauce with black message, cucumber, Chipotle dressing and coriander.

11.-Squid rinds

  • Fried squid rings, lemon juice and tartar dressing.

12.-Squid to the devil

  • Fried squid rings in hot sauce, lemon juice and tartar dressing.

13.-Fried Shrimp

  • Jumbo shrimp breaded in sweet Jamaican and Balsamic sauce.

14.-Portobello matriciana

  • Portobello braised in matriciana sauce, and Parmesan cheese.

15.-Braised Portobello

  • Braised portobello, black olive tapenade, goat dressing and artisan bread.

16.-Oysters gratin

  • Fresh oyster in its shell gratin and butter sauce with white wine.

17.-Mussels white wine and brie cheese

  • Fresh mussels in white wine cream and brie cheese accompanied by rustic bread.

18.-Mussels 4 cheeses

  • Fresh mussels in 4-cheese cream (goat, brie, roquefort and mozzarella), accompanied by rustic bread.

19.-Asparagus feuilletèe

  • Grilled asparagus wrapped in puff pastry and parmesan.

20.-Asparagus gratin

  • Grilled asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham, au gratin with mozzarella cheese in a white wine sauce, sprout salad and Balsamic.

21.-Rustic Ratatouille

  • Vegetable stew, tomato sauce accompanied by cous cous and coriander sprouts.

22.-Cheese and charcuterie board (Station / family style)

  • Cheeses (natural goat, roquefort, mozzarella, parmesan, camembert cheese), charcuterie, nuts, seasonal fruits, ate and honey. Accompanied by rustic bread.

23.-Hummus tatemado

  • Plate of hummus, pita bread base, yogurt dressing, avocado and arugula.

24.-Roasted camembert (family style)

  • Baked camembert, arugula salad, truffled serrano ham, red berries, honey and walnuts. Accompanied by rustic bread.


25.-Dried meat and guacamole

  • Guacamole accompanied by dried meat, a touch of lemon and tortilla chips.

26.-Chicken salbute

  • Fried corn base, black beans, chicken, pickled onion, avocado dressing.

27.-Pork belly

  • Fried corn base, cochinita pibil, pickled onion, avocado dressing.

28.-Mushroom pie

  • Fried corn empanada stuffed with mushrooms, pumpkin flower, corn and Oaxaca cheese, tomato sauce, avocado dressing, pickled onion, cream and sprouts.

29.-Octopus and shrimp panucho

  • Duo of octopus and shaken shrimp, served with pickled onion, avocado dressing and cilantro.

30.-Low style heel

  • Corn tortilla, breaded shrimp, chipotle dressing, avocado dressing, coleslaw.

31.-Cochinita taco

  • Corn tortilla, breaded shrimp, chipotle dressing, avocado dressing, coleslaw.

Pastel vegano
Nudos de ajo
Bresaola Carpaccio
Cóctel de camarón
Hors D'oeuvres
plato de queso
Vegetarian Appetizer
Meat Tacos

Ice cream station

Ice Cream

The traditional lemon sorbet 

Triciclo de Cocos en la Playa

Coconut Ice Water Station 


Group C : please select from 2 to 3 options.


1.-P an pita, avocado, Salmon roe in soy sauce and ginger.

2.-C round of rustic bread, hummus and sauteed mushrooms.

3.-C has crostini, cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce.

4.-C round of duck rillete and candied figs, camembert cheese.

5.-C round of fresh salmon, black olives and asparagus.

6.-C round of goat cheese, honey, nuts and Serrano ham.

7.-H roasted cherry tomato puff pastry and burrata cheese with Modena oil.

8.-C roton of camembert cheese, roasted pear and caramelized onions.

9.-C roton of honey and thyme, truffled serrano ham.

10.-H spinach puff pastry four cheeses and white wine.


11.-T osta of rustic bread, Parmesan cheese, Mediterranean sauce (Tomaca) and balsamic.

12.-T osta of provolone cheese and peppers (Peperonata).

13.-T osta of Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese.

14.-T osta of mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.

15.- Parmigiana aubergine toast.

16.- Toast with goat cheese, arugula, serrano ham, red fruits and balsamic.

17.- Italian roll, rustic pesto, parmesan cheese and serrano ham.


18.- Chicken kebab / Beef / Lamb / shrimp.

19.-B rocheta of shrimp with grilled garlic.

20.-B shaken shrimp rocheta.

21.-B flank steak and chimichurri.

22.-B rocheta of chicken satay and peanut sauce.


23.- Coconut crusted shrimp roquette and mango chutney.

24.-F alafel and yogurt dressing (tzatziki).

25.-B olitas of bread and Parmesan cheese.

26.-C roqueta with potato, serrano ham and breaded blue cheese.

27.-C roqueta made of corn flour, shrimp and cheese.

28.-C roqueta of corn flour, beans and cheese.

29.-C roquette of breaded crab.


30.- Breaded camembert cheese and red berries

31.- Argentine E mpanada of onion, cheese and chimichurri dressing.

32.- Argentine E mpanada of sweet corn, cheese and chimichurri dressing.

33.-M inihamburger with shrimp, cheese and chipotle.

34.-M inihamburgers of fresh Salmon, arugula, camembert and cucumber.

35.-M inihamburger of beef.

Hummous with Pita Bread
Bread with Tomato and Ham
Chicken Shish Kebab
Plato de croquetas


Group D : please select from 2 to 3 options.

1.-Corn cake

  • Traditional corn bread with cream in cold eggnog soup and red fruits.

2.- 3 milks

  • Vanilla sponge cake, in 3-milk soup, meringue, coffee cream, and red berries.

3.-Bread of the dead

  • Mini bread accompanied by pot coffee cream, cheese cream, quince paste and fruits.

4.-Red velvet brownies

  • Accompanied by red fruits, cream cheese mousse and white chocolate.

5.-Banana cake

  • In cold Baileys soup and red berries

6.-Chocolate temptation

  • Bitter chocolate sponge cake, in a chocolate ganache soup, espresso and a chocolate biscuit with red berries.

7.-Rice pudding cake

  • Sweet cookie base, filled with rice pudding with milk, cinnamon, vanilla and red berries)

8.-Bitter chocolate cake

  • 100% cocoa chocolate, with sea salt and pistachio cream

9.-Banana cake

  • Mini banana cream cake, meringue and chocolate

10.-Banoffe cake

  • Tart with dulce de leche, banana, whipped cream and cinnamon streussel.

11.-Royal lemon cake

  • Tart filled with Lemon curd cream, meringue and fruits

12.-My tarte tatin

  • Classic French apple pie with cinnamon, Irish cream and cinnamon streussel.

13.-White chocolate and passion fruit mousse

  • Served in a glass shot accompanied by seasonal tropical fruits.

14.-Coconut flan

  • Cinnamon and red berry streussel.

15.-Horchata mousse (Rice water)

  • Shot of cream of rice with an espresso cream and fruit topping

16.-Creme brule

  • (Accompanied by seasonal fruits)

  • Vanilla

  • Lemon and Ginger

  • Lavender

  • Mango

  • Passion fruit

17.-Chongos zamoranos cheese shooters

  • Glass filled with vanilla cheese cake, with zamorano chongos and cinnamon streussel.

18.-Poire Belle Helene

  • Pear poached in white wine and spices), accompanied by vanilla soup and almond biscuit with chocolate.

19.-Neapolitan goat cheese flan  

  • Accompanied by red fruits.

20.-NY Cheese shooters

  • Glass filled with classic vanilla, with red fruit compote and red wine and cinnamon streussel.

Sweet Pastries
Berry Dessert
Chocolate Cake
Assorted Dessert Tray
White Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Cupcakes
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