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Destination Weddings Trends 2022.

This year, the pandemic sets the trend in private and massive events, the bride and groom choose to have their party in open outdoors to the sky and nature, with large gardens, iconic venues with sinkholes and oceanfront views that invite coexistence and harmony.

Open venues events give you freedom, plenty space are extremely charming and attractive, being by the seaside becomes spiritual, romantic, unique, the sound of the waves and the atmosphere around it keeps guests and family members relaxed, in coexistence with each other, in the evening when the sun disappears and daylight fades, the party becomes somewhat intimate and more vividly; with endless views to the stars, the moon, and the sky. The environment makes the guests to enjoy a unique moment in their lives, celebrating with the newlyweds, dancing, singing and enjoying a beautiful reception. All this is possible thanks to the services and event suppliers who know the importance of achieving the total satisfaction of each and every one in the party.


Appetizers to welcome your guests

This year the trend leans towards classic menus served in relaxed environments, varied dishes that can be offered à la carte, platted, share table or buffet style. At the end of the ceremony, it is recommendable to offer canapés or snacks to your guests. The cost doesn't vary much if you add it to the meal budget from the beginning; We are sure that your guests will greatly appreciate it. Among the classic canapés are vol-au-vents stuffed with pathe, salmon or crab surimi, puff pastries with spinach and serrano, cucumber canapé stuffed with Tampico-style surimi, breaded shrimp and cream cheese, mini caprese skewers with mozarella cheese and basil or cold meats. and serrano ham, spoons of shrimp aguachile, fish with tamarind sauce, shrimp ceviche and costrini with brie cheese and a crust of dried chilies and piloncillo.


Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

After the catering service, it is time to cut the cake, the sweets and desserts that the bride and groom make available to their guests to give joy to the moment, and to the little guests a delight full of energy and vigor; the dessert table becomes an inspiration of flavors & decoration to adorn certain areas of the venue. Sometimes the party stops for a few moments to cut the cake, say a few words, take instant photos with the guests, even the bride and groom make a brief announcement so that the guests come to taste the sweets that they themselves They were in charge of selecting for their guests, a moment worth toasting and celebrating the company of all.


Flower Arrangements

Floral arrangements are essential to decorate a wedding venue, they are available in various shades and colors and according to the palette of shades that you have chosen for the decoration of your event. Signs, napkins, glass vases, candle holders, votives, long candles, vases, centerpieces, among other ornaments, are items that most coordination agencies have as extras and that they use to take advantage of empty spaces and set scenically, harmonizing with the environment.

Flowers by themselves dress any place, beautiful to look at, delight the memory and smell, spiritually inspiring with a feeling of peace, natural harmony and are used in all kinds of decoration. You can use flowers in the gazebo, the welcome frame, the wedding cake, the dessert table, the centerpieces, the bride and groom table and the empty spaces of the reception, literally, you can decorate everything with flowers. The trend for 2022 is also known as a "floral display" that consists of large floral decorations and dark green foliage with tall metal structures and high-rise bases that are used to decorate very much in the style of the English Gardens.


Bridal Bouquet

The trend for brides are small and ecological bouquets, that can combine with the crown and the centerpieces. The bouquets can be simple with natural colors of preserved flowers. The flowers that are being reserved for 2022 weddings and that are already a trend: hydrangeas, the traditional small roses and alelys.

The bridal bouquets are assembled in advance and kept in refrigeration to reflect their freshness the day of the wedding and until the day after the event to be used for the trash the dress photo shoot. Today's florists use small disposable containers filled with water and natural preservatives, to keep the flower radiant for up to two more days after the wedding day.


Makeup & Hair Dress

The trend regarding the wedding hairstyle is the most diverse since each bride wants to feel distinguished according to her personality, however the trend continues to be semi-up done hair with braids. In Mexico, the trend continues to be the high hairstyle with bright touches and a flower crown. Natural, simple and smart makeup is a favorite of brides as it is quick to apply, and always within reach. Professional makeup artists use brands that go according to the area where the event takes place, thus preventing it from being ruined by climatic effects, using techniques for the eyes, neck and shoulders, with always fresh and natural skin. Brides also chose passion red lipstick and luminous skin with fluorescent effects.


Bridal Dress

To date there are two very marked trends in destination wedding fashion. Brides who choose comfort and simplicity with light canvases and brides who opt for the trend of boho dresses in shades of ivory or pink, as well as traditional two-piece dresses in elemental and elegant white. In Mexico, brides set their sights on off-the-shoulder dresses with fine embroidery.


El Traje del Novio

Las novias marcan la tendencia para el 2022 en los novios, vistiéndolos de esmoquin azul intenso. Los novios por su parte eligieron el tipo de vestimenta casual elegante que va desde guayaberas con pantalón de lino o camisa y pantalón de algodón sin cuello y tirantes que aporta frescura sin perder el estilo elegante.


Los Recuerdos Personalizados

No hay nada más único y especial que recibir un regalo inesperado y con tu nombre grabado; en la mayoría de las bodas, los novios invierten en pequeños detalles personalizados para obsequiar a sus invitados como recuerdo de su boda. Los detalles artesanales son los artículos que están de moda y en tendencia para el 2022, ya que la mayoría de estos artículos son elaborados a mano por artesanos que contribuyen económicamente con las comunidades locales y aportan con la calidad del ambiente al reciclar y rehusar artículos, agregando un toque de decoración original al evento, para un detalle único memorable.



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